Empowering Stonehaus Realty Agents Through Revenue Sharing

What is HausShare?

At HausShare, we believe in rewarding the hard work and dedication of our agents by sharing the success we achieve together. Our revenue share program, distinct from traditional profit share models, is designed to provide a consistent and guaranteed source of additional income for our agents, regardless of Stonehaus Realty’s overall profitability.

GUARANTEED INCOME - At the end of each year, Stonehaus Realty distributes 2% of the fees generated directly to our associates. This is a reliable source of extra income, independent of the company’s profit margins.

BUILT ON COLLABORATION - Our system is rooted in the philosophy of fostering a supportive business culture. By working together, we aim to promote both professional and financial success among our agents.

LOCAL AGENTS SUPPPORTING LOCAL AGENTS -  Developed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals, HausShare emphasizes local collaboration and community growth.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR STABILITY - Our model was created with the primary focus on establishing a stable and thriving environment. These guiding principles ensure that our agents have the support and resources they need to build successful businesses.

At Stonehaus Realty, we are committed to creating opportunities for our agents to share in our collective growth. The HausShare program exemplifies our dedication to building a business culture where every agent can prosper and achieve their financial goals.

Interested in HausShare?

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