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Mentorship Program

Mentorship is what we build everyday.


What is the Mentorship Program at Stonehaus?

The Mentorship Program at Stonehaus Realty is where seasoned professionals guide you through the ins and outs of real estate transactions, empowering you to thrive in your career while maintaining your individual brand.

With our Mentor program, you can elevate your business without sacrificing your unique identity. Say goodbye to team branding requirements and hello to personalized guidance that helps you build your brand and grow your business with the support of a team lead, all while preserving your individuality.

From transaction coordination to client interaction, our Mentors provide structured and comprehensive guidance across various facets of real estate. Learn the ropes of property showings, including the use of lockboxes, and gain insight into the importance of involving notaries or lawyers in transactions, ensuring your clients are well-advised every step of the way.

Navigate the complexities of conveyancing and documentation with confidence, as our Mentors educate you on specific requirements, timelines, and transactional forms. Dive deep into strata and title management, mastering procedures for ordering, reviewing, and interpreting documents and title reports.

Refine your negotiation and communication skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals, learning effective strategies for dealing with other agents and clients, even in multiple offer situations. Gain valuable insights into real estate deal analysis, from pre-sale properties to rural estates, and discover the optimal use of listing photos and floor plans to attract buyers.

After offer acceptance, our Mentors provide guidance on post-offer procedures, ensuring you navigate subject removals, extensions, and offer rescissions with ease. And while our Mentors offer invaluable advice and support, it’s important to note that they won’t attend buyer or seller consultations or deal directly with your clients—this is strictly an advisory role designed to empower you to succeed on your own terms.

Join the Mentorship Program at Stonehaus Realty and unlock the guidance and support you need to take your real estate career to new heights. With personalized mentorship and a commitment to preserving your individual brand, the possibilities are endless.



Thomas grew up in New Westminster and currently live in Port Moody with his wife Tammy, and two cats, Ben and Quest. He has a degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University, and continued his education in real estate at UBC’s Sauder School of Business. Previous to entering the real estate world Thomas worked in operations, managing a corporate office, and also worked in finance. His ambition has always been to manage his own business and after seeing how a successful business was run from the inside out, the allure of taking new skills and applying them to his own business was so exciting that he decided to pursue real estate, a career that Thomas wake up excited and passionate about every day!


Being well over a decade into her real estate journey, she has experienced a wide range of real estate opportunities and transactions; from every variety of residential pre-sale and resale contract situations, working with first time and seasoned buyers, major development deals, land assemblies, and project management. Prior to becoming a realtor, she was a certified teacher and is excited to see her real restate career and teaching background come full circle with the Stonehaus Mentorship program. She is passionate about contracts, clauses, and following all of the many real estate laws and rules that are put in place to protect not only our clients, but also ourselves. She feels confident that she can help you navigate your first handful of transactions with ease!