Real Estate Redefined

Established in January 2017, Stonehaus Realty has grown over 500% and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Drive. Determination. Results.

Our agents come from diverse backgrounds, offering various areas of expertise and exceptional real estate services in 25+ languages. Our dedicated staff and agents are always ready to answer questions, ease concerns, and guide you seamlessly through your home buying or selling experience.

We are passionate about what we do!

At Stonehaus, we cultivate a positive, family oriented, multicultural atmosphere based on collaboration. We truly believe that our agents and staff are our greatest assets. We offer a competition-free environment where we encourage our agents to grow as individuals while integrating teamwork which creates a strong union and office culture like no other. High energy, lots of fun and limitless success are what we strive for every day.

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Social media marketing.

We provide our agents with access to a wide range of innovative tools and technology including Dotloop, Commission Inc., Real Geek, Mojo Dialer, Sly Dial, Cardone University, and in house video marketing. At Stonehaus, we ensure that our agents receive the best training in the industry, allowing them to serve their clients in a way that is truly unique to Stonehaus.

Top realtors.

We are true believers in mentoring and learning from each others' success stories. In addition to 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Stonehaus agents also receive sales training and coaching through Grant Cardone's Cardone University and Tom Ferry programs. From lead generation, conversion, sales skills to social media marketing, our agents learn only from the best.

If it’s a home, condo, apartment or presale, we have the resources, network & team to make your transition smooth.

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223 listings & solds totaling $153.7 million in 2017

338 listings & solds totaling $228.7 million in 2018

Next Level Marketing

When the markets roller coaster we stay on track, uphill. Combined with bold in-house social media marketing & video production, we make sure your home sells for what it deserves.

Let's Work Together

Sure a realtor you know may get the job done, but does it compare to a roof full of 300+ knowledgeable realtors?