Nancy Ghuman

Nancy’s motivation for customer satisfaction is the reason why her referral business is thriving. Driven by details and facts, Nancy thrives on assisting others to achieve their goals while building impactful, lasting relationships along the way. Nancy’s driving forces are focus, grit, and edge when it comes to attaining the best outcome for her clients.
How is Nancy different?Transparency, professionalism, and attention to detail are the cornerstones of how Nancy conducts her business. Nancy understands the emotions involved in both the buying and selling processes and takes pride in the level of confidence and trust her clients place in her when making one of the most important decisions of their lives.
Nancy’s belief is that no two transactions are the same, and she tailors her service-first approach to ensure her clients achieve the best possible outcome every time.The ability to listen and be patient is a rare quality in today’s fast-paced world, and Nancy manages to do both with grace.
Nancy is a proud soccer mom of two young boys and resides in Surrey with her husband and their children, where they enjoy spending time with friends and family.

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