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Meet Nancy Bell,

Blind Bay has been my home now for 15 years. Originally from Vancouver, at 16 I developed an early obsession with real estate. Influenced further by my parent’s regretful narrative wishing they had “bought that rancher in Oakridge” back in the 60’s, I knew I had to own real estate. Strangely, a favourite evening pass time in high school was cruising coveted neighbourhoods in my little, 67 Chevy II.

Fast forward 25 years, 2 super smart kids, another muscle car, and 22 houses in 12 different communities, I was finally ready to take the plunge with my first revenue property. Followed closely by raw land development on Vancouver Island then more rental properties in Kamloops. The skills of property management were painfully learned one month at a time. As each year passed and economic cycles changed, it became clearer and clearer how to extract more value from every square foot. Learning how to repair and improve these properties was the impetus for a new business idea. Signature Floors was launched in 2004 starting in Kamloops then spreading quickly to the Shuswap region where I built a house on a little semi-lakefront lot that I now call home. Today, boating excursions often find me counting the many projects I’ve completed that dot the shoreline and beyond.

Though I am tired of moving, renovating and building, as an architecture enthusiast, my interest in thoughtful design remains. I get excited when I drive past a client’s new address and see them buzzing about, breathing new life into their beloved home.
Making the right choice is serious business and my investigative nature and keen eye for detail, provides my clients with the optics they need to make that choice.

Let my experience guide you every step of the way. It’s my passion and my promise.

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