Gunit Kaur

Before her career in real estate, Gunit graduated with dual degrees from Saint Peter’s University, both an MBA in Finance and a MSc in Accounting.

After graduating, she worked as a financial analyst in New Jersey where she was tasked with generating & analyzing financial reports. Her experience as an analyst provided her with in-depth knowledge of the finance world, as well as, project management & business development.

Gunit comes from a family of realtors and investors. Real estate was a common topic in her household and some of her earliest memories are of her family talking about real estate market trends over dinner. Gunit is thankful for her upbringing which has provided her with strong family values and work ethic.

It was because of her upbringing, that Gunit decided to take her education and experience and pivot into a career in real estate.

She is passionate about helping people find their dream home and always acts in the best interests of her clients. Gunit’s background in finance provides her with a unique perspective that is invaluable to the investors and families she works with.

When she isn’t working, she spends her time volunteering in the community and participating in events around the city. She has a bit of an adventurous side as well, and a long bucket list. She has crossed off skydiving, parasailing and river rafting and is looking to cross a few more things off her list this year.

Gunit values and embodies grateful living and positive thinking in both her personal life and her professional life.


Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi